Save Digg! How I Drove Over 240,000 Pageviews through New Digg, Social Bookmarking & Blog Outreach

Here is the Google Analytics dashboard of that website that I cite in the video, to which I drove over 240,000 pageviews in less than four weeks time.

240,000 pageviews in less than 4 weeks through Digg, social bookmarking, & blog outreach

240,000 pageviews in less than 4 weeks through Digg, social bookmarking, and blog outreach

UPDATE: In the video I erroneously said that Digg referred more than half of the traffic to this site. Digg referred almost half of the traffic driven to this website. Here are the top 20 referrers.

Digg drove almost half of the traffic to this website

Digg drove almost half of the traffic to this website

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  1. JamestheJust says:

    Hold on. Um. No, you d’ent.

    THAT was comedy!

  2. Maurice says:

    over how long was that 240,000 page views?

  3. 240K page views in a month time. Incredible.

  4. I’d like to know more your experience Neal, in the new Digg because I cannot figure out, former versions were controlled by power users, now I don’t know.
    I know how Digg can generate tons of traffic .
    My experience is with SU, but this other theme.



    • neal says:

      hi Gera; thank you for checking it out; like with most forms of social media communication you want to ensure that you have a piece of content that attracts the digg community. secondly, you have to know active members of the community and reciprocate support with them; basically diggs. once you are active, and other members of the community seek your submissions, you will get enough votes to get your stories on more popular parts of the website where the rest of the community will decide whether to promote your URL to the front page;

      I strongly recommend you subscribe to the newsletter, where I cover this topic more in depth.

      Thanks for watching, Gera; do come again.

  5. Nick says:

    Who gives a shit about pageviews when your average time on site is a measly 16 seconds and your bounce rate is 91%.

    • neal says:

      thanks for your feedback, Nick. I agree with you, the average time on site is low and the bounce rate is high.

      well, first off this site was launched and welcomed that traffic in the first month with about two hours of content development and marketing every two or three days. secondly, if you are a media publication, such as the ones for which I drive traffic, and you’re getting at a minimum $25 CPM that’s $6k for a small time investment; some of the biggest sites for which I worked charged $70 CPM and up; so with direct advertisement you could make some great money.

      remember this is a brand spanking new site; this traffic can multiply with further development; if you have a older more thoroughly known site, you could probably quadruple this; and you will have more related content and other calls to action to which you could refer visitors and lower bounce rates and increase those 16 seconds exponentially; this site was merely a experiment to test the amount of traffic that could be driven considering the current the climate in social bookmarking space; what you do after that would require further testing. I built this site in a day, I had a $3 hosting plan, and I don’t think this site had more than 30 posts.

      come again, man; this is your house.

  6. jupaneanu says:

    “diggers don’t die, they multiply!” nicely put, Neal, great post!

  7. Do you think that the reason you were able to drive so much traffic in this short period of time is because you have an established social media presence with plenty of contacts? It doesn’t seem reasonable to imply that newbies can do the same. If they are new to Digg or other social media networks, it will be difficult to get anyone to even see the content added there. If nobody sees it, nobody promotes it. If nobody promotes it, nobody is coming to the site.

    • neal says:

      hi Nea; i have to admit that I am a student of the laws of attraction as well, and i greatly appreciate your work in helping people understand how to leverage it on your blog. in fact, i believe the same laws have allowed me to successfully leverage social platforms; for aim to communicate in a way that resonates with my friends and peers. i always use everybody’s name, and i love taking an interest in what moves people, what do they do, what makes them happy. this has equated in building a community that happily supports my work; the other key is reciprocity; people help people who help them.

      i completely agree; one of the primary reasons that i am able to drive traffic to help my clients meet their business objectives is due to an established social media presence; i have networked with people for years on the internet, and social media, providing communication tools to facilitate the building of relationships, has helped me make the community stronger; not by solely empowering myself, but by helping people get theirs.

      now, although i’m smart – or i think i am :) i am by far not the brightest person on the planet. that said, anybody can build an established social media presence of equal or greater reach and influence, in a short period of time. For instance, i have trained people to use the network efficiently in less than a month’s time. of course, without any direction, it will take you more time because there is more trial and error. people i train learn from mistakes that i have already committed, cutting down the learning curve significantly.

      and of course, having worked online for 7 years gives you skills that allow you to interact more efficiently than somebody fresh out of the brick and mortar butt crack. its perfectly alright, that person has probably spent decades learning how to cure diseases, as a doctor; or defend people in a court of law, as a lawyer; or keep a company’s expenses in order, as an accountant; so i don’t expect them to start to breathe underwater without growing some gills first. but, based on my experience, the internet allows for success very quickly. when i first started marketing online, i had IT experience which allowed me to understand technical terms; but i was able to make my first $40 online affiliate sale 3 months after i launched my first pay-per-click campaign; anybody that is willing to commit to learning the application of these tools can do so a lot faster.

      thank you for stopping by, Nea. have a great weekend!

  8. Raza says:


    Your site, Dosh Dosh (r.i.p.), Viper Chill, and Winning the Web (r.i.p.) have some of the most actionable (free) content I’ve ever seen.

    It just seems like success on Digg is the result of creating great content and some heavy duty networking. I guess there really is something to winning friends and influencing people…

    I might take on a client with a really cool product. Once I do, I’ll need to train with you to make it go viral, if your schedule is open.


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