Freedom Friday: Pool cage hawk

Ever wonder why they call them pool “cages”?  This Coopers hawk could probably tell you.  It is not uncommon for The Wildlife Center of Venice to get call for owls, hawks or even ospreys that are trapped inside a pool lanai.    This usually happens when a bird of prey sees a gecko crawling across the screen and goes in for the kill, breaks through a screen panel and can’t find it’s way out.   Our rescuers love this particular type of rescue.  Sometimes hawks are hard enough to catch without the “water hazard” of a pool complicating things, but when our rescuers are able to grab them, these birds of prey are often uninjured and able to be released on site which is the best case scenario.  Anytime that we can omit the costly “Rehab” step out of our mantra of “Rescue, Rehab, and Release”, we chalk it up as a big win at WCV.

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Giving Tuesday

We have really exciting news regarding this year’s Giving Tuesday event; YOUR DONATION WILL BE DOUBLED!

Giving Tuesday occurs on the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving, November 27th this year.  It was created in 2012 to take advantage of the attention given to “Black Friday”.  It is a one day event that celebrates and supports giving and philanthropy.

The Center receives no direct support from any city, county of state authority.  We are solely dependent on contributions from generous supporters like you.

This year, thanks to a generous long time supporter who wishes to remain anonymous, every donation on Giving Tuesday up to a total of $10,000.00 will be doubled.  This is really exciting news.

If you give $25.00 the Wildlife Center will get $50.00.  If you give $100.00 The Center will get $200.00.

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Either way, all donations on Giving Tuesday up to a total of $10,000.00 will be doubled.

At the Wildlife Center of Venice (501c3 Non-Profit), we are committed to the preservation, rescue and rehabilitation of wildlife in our local community.  We service all of Sarasota and West Charlotte counties in the State of Florida. We work hard each day to uphold these values, but we need each and every one of you to help us in this noble cause.