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Michelle Obama Neal Rodriguez

Some of you may remember what I did to work with the 2012 Barack Obama presidential campaign. Our work with the campaign generated substantial publicity on several mainstream media outlets, like Politico, NBC, and The Hill and famous and celebrity social media accounts, like Jennifer Lopez’s Twitter account and Michelle Obama’s Twitter account, to name […]

Zenith Conference Keynote 2014

Neal Rodriguez delivering the keynote presentation at the Zenith Digital Marketing Conference in 2014 UPDATED: June 13, 2017 Conference organizers commission me to speak before their audiences nationwide because I am undeniably good at getting people excited, engaged, motivated. Further, having worked with the likes of the 2012 Obama Presidential campaign, AOL, the Nielsen Company, […]

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Even after what happened at yesterday’s disastrous launch of the Betaworks Frankenstein that is now known as Digg. If John Borthwick and them aren’t done coding, I think it still may have a shot. Otherwise, RIP, my Digga!

This is a video response to a fan film showing Batman fighting Captain America toe to toe. I love the action sequence; great job!

Last video you got on me for breaking a sweat in my digg t-shirt. I typically do break a sweat due to the energy involved in delivering my videos at the speed and strength at which I am accustomed. That’s just the way I’m built. What are the some of the things that you do […]

Hats off to Digg; they gave me a lot. A lot of pageviews, a lot of publicity generated through social media, a lot of money, and some of the best friends on the planet!.

Although I have been doing this for client sites for the passed year, it feels a little funny writing for my own vlog. I had to crack the ice with a little #comicure. Does it make you laugh with me or @ me? NYU Shirt comes compliments of Andy Hyman and Original Retrobrand and Distant […]