Rand Fishkin on URL Length & Search Ranking

Rand Fishkin, with SEOMoz, discusses the correlation between the length of a site’s URL and search engine rankings. Rand emphasizes that just because a site ranks better with shorter URLs, doesn’t mean that short URLs contribute to your search engine visibility.

Lick your ball point pen or open Google Sidewiki and take notes. You’re brain will be operating on quad core neurons once your done.

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6 responses to “Rand Fishkin on URL Length & Search Ranking”

  1. gotta love your energy !!! nice

  2. Have you made any research regarding the sequence of the keywords from left to right? Is the first keyword in the URL more relevant than the last keyword? Also is the “www” considered a keyword?

  3. Hi, Just supposed I’d let you know your website is displaying funny in my K-melleon browser. Looks good from what I can see though.

    1. hey, homebreware; thnx for letting me know, and for viewing; i’ll get it checked out;

  4. This is useful info on URL length. I know very long URLs can be considered spammy, but also a fair length should help with rankings. Rand is very knowledgeable about search marketing.

    What I didn’t consider is short URLs having a higher click through rate. I try to make mine not two short or long.

    Thanks Neil

    1. thnx for checking it out, Anwar. yeah; marketing sherpa actually found that more people click on shorter urls in search engines.

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