Ben Huh Drives 1 Billion Pageviews Every 4 Months

I managed to speak with Ben Huh at SMX East 2009. Ben told me that his Cheezburger Network grows by 1 billion pageviews every 4 months. Pretty soon he’ll have to start a new planet to keep getting fresh eyeballs.


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  1. 1 billion page views in 4 months? WOW! If he is using Google Adsense, he is probably making about US$1 million in 4 months.

    1. on top of the money he made for the billion page views of the prior four months; so it just keeps growing.

  2. Wow..that guy is so impressive it is crazy!

    1. Ben is on his game; most definitely.

  3. That’s a mind-boggling number. Seriously though, I’d be interested to see his new visits percentage – just in case there’s people who haven’t seen the site yet!

    1. @steve well, he says that his network grows by 1 billion pageviews every month; not too sure how much of that traffic is new; it may be people are just getting more hooked on the sites.

  4. impressive. I think if I have 1 Billion pageviews Im laughing

  5. Ok, we’re taking page views on a picture viewing site… what do you expect? It would actually be more shocking if he DIDN’T have 1 billion+ page views per month! I’d like to see that number next to some other metrics… ie. unique visitors, return visitors, etc. and in comparison to other picture viewing sites. I bet for similar photo/picture sites with similar traffic volume, 1 billion pv’s is probably average.

    1. @ryan you’re right; i have seen some metrics for a few picture viewing sites well into the monthly million page view counts; they typically grow pretty quickly – a few months time. i haven’t seen anything into the billions, nonetheless, i believe what sets Ben’s communities apart is the ability the user has to submit and cut up their own photos and add elements like text.

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