Charles Rangel Is Elected to Congressional Pimp of Public Assistance #comicure #nealtv

Although I have been doing this for client sites for the passed year, it feels a little funny writing for my own vlog. I had to crack the ice with a little #comicure. Does it make you laugh with me or @ me?

NYU Shirt comes compliments of Andy Hyman and Original Retrobrand and Distant Replays. Andy rocks! Which btw, is a slight variation to my uncle’s DJ name Andy Rock; so Andy, and I are practically family.


3 responses to “Charles Rangel Is Elected to Congressional Pimp of Public Assistance #comicure #nealtv”

  1. Nice to see you back blogging, Neal. It’s been some time since your update has dropped in my inbox.

    1. Nice to see you period šŸ™‚ Anne. Thanks for your continued support.

      Your confidence building list rocks! Confidence is a kicker; you have to really fight the doubt in yourself. It’s sometimes easy to be confident when you’re performing easy tasks. But when you’re aiming to jump off a 30 foot diving board, the fear of smacking your face on the water because you didn’t tuck in your head eats @ the confidence reeeal quick! You have to push yourself to do what you’re scared of; regardless of how much you’re shaking. I’ll definitely be delving into the topic of conquering your fear soon.

      Thanks again, Anne!

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