Charles Rangel Is Elected to Congressional Pimp of Public Assistance #comicure #nealtv

Although I have been doing this for client sites for the passed year, it feels a little funny writing for my own vlog. I had to crack the ice with a little #comicure. Does it make you laugh with me or @ me?

NYU Shirt comes compliments of Andy Hyman and Original Retrobrand and Distant Replays. Andy rocks! Which btw, is a slight variation to my uncle’s DJ name Andy Rock; so Andy, and I are practically family.

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  1. Nice to see you back blogging, Neal. It’s been some time since your update has dropped in my inbox.

    • neal says:

      Nice to see you period :) Anne. Thanks for your continued support.

      Your confidence building list rocks! Confidence is a kicker; you have to really fight the doubt in yourself. It’s sometimes easy to be confident when you’re performing easy tasks. But when you’re aiming to jump off a 30 foot diving board, the fear of smacking your face on the water because you didn’t tuck in your head eats @ the confidence reeeal quick! You have to push yourself to do what you’re scared of; regardless of how much you’re shaking. I’ll definitely be delving into the topic of conquering your fear soon.

      Thanks again, Anne!

  2. Hello Your post in very nice information I’m so full of admiration and respect for firefighters in general and now you in particular Stewart. Thank you for sharing.

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