How to Make the “Top News” Page Without Gaming Digg

There is a huge misconception that somehow Diggers game Digg; RRRR… try again!

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  1. John The Londoner says:

    I understood about 10% of what you said as being English… rest of it was all foreign to me!

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  3. Mike says:

    Good shit homie…

  4. Dave Conklin says:

    Wow… just as you said “pick your nose”… I was picking mine. Weird.

    Good stuff, man.

  5. Hi says:

    What is this bullshit.

  6. Jeff says:

    well said! I like the verbal shenanigans too…helps keep it entertaining.

  7. jonknep says:

    Happy to hear you’ll be filming these videos… with less time in between for 2011 ha. Keep it up Neal.

    • neal says:

      most definitely, Jon; stay up and thanks for taking part in our community; hope to see u soon… and hope fatherhood is being gentle to you :) God bless.

  8. Shawn says:

    Excellent one Neal, love your vids, keep up the great work

  9. Guillermo says:

    Grab some KY Jelly and come back, I love the energy!

  10. ilovepoken says:

    Good video, only one comment…you keep saying get to the point.. but you speak so much slang and stuff in between (which is quite entertaining however! :P) that you take quite long to get the the point…

    Enterainment value: 10/10
    Informative value: 8/10
    Understandability (language): 3/10

    • neal says:

      i am 4ever your student, ilovespoken, is it, Amy? thank you for taking the time to rate the vid; i’ll get my brain a ram upgrade and see if we could make them all 10/10’s

      i love the a-z format to list out the 2011 trends; keep writing impeccably :)

      come back again; this is your home.

  11. Shashank says:

    Hi Neal, Can you be more neutral in your accent. Very difficult to understand.

  12. Anonymous says:


  13. Mike says:

    Thanks for sharing… I use digg rarely often tough.

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