How to Open Your Publisher Account on New Digg 4



UPDATE: You no longer have to send your RSS feed to Erin Ryan at Digg. Digg is currently not taking any new registrations, for they are porting settings from the old interface to Digg version 4. If you already have a Digg account and are already on Digg v4 subscribe to my newsletter, for I will be posting a step-by-step guide on how to develop and set up your publisher account. If you are not on the New Digg yet but you are on the old Digg, enter your username and email address on, and you will receive an administrative message when your account is ready to be used on Digg V4. Otherwise, go to, and leave your email and you will be notified once you could join Digg.


I am in talks with Digg and major media properties in helping them get acclimated to the New Digg. I will also be helping anybody with a billion Euros get a ticket in the adamantium steel bunker in the center of the Earth before asteroid shower blows up this planet on December 21, 2012, and we’re left sword fighting with tree branches for canned beans. Publishers should take the following steps to join the New Digg and finally get more followers than Ashton Kutcher before he punks Kevin Rose by planting marijuana in his tea bags and sending DEA agents with machetes, m-16’s, and body armor to his house. And if you’re scalping my tickets to Noah’s arc, get ready to scrub Lindsay Lohan’s panties in jail for the next two weeks. So bing!

  1. Setup an official account for your organization or brand (or multiple brands) at Also add a photo, name and bio
  2. Send Erin Ryan @ Digg eryan [at] an official RSS feed associated with that account. Digg is recommending you submit less content but of higher quality; so don’t give me Glen Beck for president; more Old Spice man skydiving off of the Virgin Galactic spacecraft.
  3. Also you’ll need to send Erin @ Digg the email address of the main point person on each account.

Every account should be setup with a unique email address.

And as a quick best practice, post ‘Follow me on Digg‘ links to your Digg profile. as of now all of your existing friends on Digg will be your followers on the new.digg system so go start kicking avatars and taking down usernames.

What steps are you taking to get acclimated with the new Digg? Please leave your responses in the comments section below

My name is Neal Rodriguez

Diggers don’t die we multiply!


33 responses to “How to Open Your Publisher Account on New Digg 4”

  1. Hey Neal another great video! Can you explain to me what the benefit is of having a publisher account rather than a default account?

    Awesome T-shirt too! Where did you get that?

    Thanks man. Keep up the awesome videos!

    1. thanks for checking it out, Philip. having a publisher account, you could auto-submit your content to new Digg through your RSS feed. as soon as you publish something it gets submitted to Digg and to your followers on Digg.
      digg mailed me the t-shirt after promoting my 300th story to the front page 😉

      1. Ah cool thanks Neal!

        And congrats on the front page success!

  2. Thanks Neal-

    As we just talked about, I’ve been wondering about networks. A few of the sites on our niche network of green blogs and news sites has had a reasonable amount of success on digg. Do you think the branding and exposure benefits would be better if we provided our network RSS feed to Digg (which has little brand recognition but lots of good content) and promoted that single Digg publisher account on all 6 of our sites? or if we kept them all differentiated (with their recognizable brands) promoting each one individually (and likely building followers more slowly than we would if we had just one).

    I’m still trying to wrap my brain around New Digg and how to best to address it, both as a heavy user and a publisher.

    1. thank you, Tim; for checking out the video. i would definitely shoot to have publisher accounts for each recognizable brand. this way you could build a following of people that will be interested in the topic on which a particular brand is focused. even if you now have a number of brands that cover a similar topic; what if you were to acquire or create a new brand that has nothing to do with any of your existing brands? you would have a following constituting a group of people that are not interested in that new acquisition. the new unrelated brand would take a submission spot that would probably be better trafficked by a media property in which that following is interested. keep your niche focused, and you will find better engagement from your following in the form of subscriptions, comments, conversions, etc.

      come back anytime, Tim; this is your house.

  3. What is the reason to make new accou ts for each of your sites? Why not include them in your established profile in digg?

    Great stuff though
    Tank Ewe!

    1. thank you, Ben; for watching.

      the reason to make new accounts for each of your sites, Ben, is that Digg is making a change to let all domains establish publisher accounts and grow a following a bit like Twitter. their logic is to ensure traffic is driven to as many publications as possible as opposed to just driving traffic to stories that make the front page of Digg. each story a publication like a blog or digital magazine submits to Digg will be exposed to that media company’s following. the aim would be to keep that following rich with a targeted community that is truly interested in the topics your website publishes.

  4. Hi Neal,
    One thing I noticed with the new Digg is that there is no option to know about the submissions of our mutual friends. This would make us miss many of our mutual friend’s submission…is there any solution yet for this..?
    BTW I enjoyed the video.!!

    1. hey George,
      you are right; there is no page for friend’s submissions; however, it is still in Alpha, so you never know what they will add. further, Kevin Rose has said that the API hasn’t been ported yet; we could probably explore building a tool that could show us our friends submissions, if that data is still available. further, if the RSS feed is still available, you may be able to see submissions on your reader.
      thnx for watching, man, keep coming back; i’ve got more store for you.

      1. Thanks for your Kind Reply, Neal!! Sure, I would be coming back more frequently to check out your posts…

  5. Hi Neal,
    Great Instruction to apply for a Digg Publishers account….. Digg is too extend making it like Twitter!! Do you think, it will be effective like Twitter for “Online Branding”?

    1. hi Arijit, i think making it an online branding tool is the overall objective. it may be as effective; we have seen Facebook copy and re purpose some Twitter-like functionality, and Facebook now has more users than Twitter. we would have to see if people adopt Digg at the same degree as Twitter. Digg was a mainstream platform that catered to more topics before Twitter and Facebook; perhaps this repositioning will put them back on top and give us an edge in tapping into the new community.

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  9. Awesome video. I’ll be taking your advice – mainly because I like your style!

    Keep up the good work!

    1. thanks, Andy; and I will be taking your advice on testing my site; you’re right; sometimes we don’t tinker enough and perform q&a on our own sites to source out any issues that could be costing leads or potential revenue.

  10. Brilliant post Neal and excellent video, will be trying out a Publisher account soon. Diggers don’t die, we multiply! 😉

    1. thanks for the support, R4; you’ve got great blog coverage on ds cards that should do great on Digg.

  11. RIP Digg . Your core fans will leave as you strive to become another junk, like twitter.

  12. Still on the fence regarding V4 but anticipating trying it out. p.s found you via huffington post article you did on social media examiner etc. Good looking out, you just gained yourself a new fan. Nice to see your using Thesis. We love Thesis too. 🙂 Big ups!

  13. You know, I thought I’d subscribed to this blog ages ago. I’ve done it again today. Hope it’ll take this time.
    I used to be on Digg, but I never really made the front page. Eventually I gave up. I don’t have the fight in me. Besides it takes too much of my writing time.

  14. Hi Neal,

    Thank for such a Awesome video, I like this video and will wait for your further blog post to learn new things as I did this time from the posted video.

    Thanks again for sharing information.

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  16. Hi Neal,

    Awesome job on getting to the front page. No wonder you’re getting lots of hits and page views! I wasn’t aware of the Publisher account until I came across your blog. Thank you and great stuff you’ve got hear!

  17. Prashant Avatar


    pls pls neal am confuse about program.. tell me in few word how to create ?, where ?

  18. I have had an old digg account for some time and never used it because of a lack of auto publish features. Now that publisher accounts exist, I have a desire to again use Digg, but from your video and the instruction, I am not sure how to create the publisher account or to change my account to become a publisher account. Any suggestions?

  19. is good program is kind is agree with all persen

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    up for the great info you have got right here on this post.
    I can be coming again to your blog for more soon.

  22. I’ve tried to register on sigh but can’t find anywhere to put my blog url

  23. I’ve tried to register on digg but can’t find anywhere to register my blog url:

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