The Social Media Strategy I Executed to Drive Over 1.3 Million Pageviews in 4 Days



This is the People Media Movement. The campaign aims to eradicate technological barriers posed by digital networks that stop brands from communicating with their target communities. We move to facilitate such communication through education on the uses of communication tools on digital networks, and working in part with development teams administrating the social networks.

If the video is something you would like to relay to your community, I will be featuring publishers who embed the video and link to this web address through June 23, 2010 on my section of the Huffington Post as supporters of the People Media Movement.

UPDATE: Here is the first list of supporters on the Huffington Post:

The People Media Movement Supporters – Day 1

UPDATE: As I had to go offline early yesterday in preparation for the last day of my Media Bistro Class and meetings today, I will still be featuring publishers on the Huffington Post, when they link to this video from their websites until further notice. There are more web properties who want to support The People Media Movement but just wanted some more information from me. Thanks to everybody for your support.


When studying a digital network where a brand’s target market is active, you should first identify every part of the site that allows you to get exposure to your assets. For instance, on Digg you could attain direct exposure to your profile on the Digg Who Dugg This tab. So when Diggers want to see which users Dugg on their story entitled, “BP Tries to Plug Oil Spill with Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum,” they can see your avatar and follow it to your profile. On your profile they can reciprocate by digging on your favorites, entitled, “Hugh Heffner Adopts Tiger Woods,” and “Rush Limbaugh Lights the Burning Cross @ the KKK Lynching Olympics.” They may also add you as an IM buddy, so you could spam each other until banned do us part.

Secondly, brands should identify all points of private contact on social platforms. So on Twitter you could click the link on their profile to find contact information on their blog or Facebook profile. Or if you follow each other, use the Direct Messaging feature to work out partnerships, guest posts, bank robberies, terrorist attacks black mail with sex tapes and S&M photography of him getting whipped by Ricky Martin in a executioner’s mask.

Thirdly, study popular sections of the social platform like the Digg front page and Twitter’s trending topics. For other digital networks where popular sections are not as obvious, Google the name of the social platform plus phrase “case study,” or a names of popular tactics of which you already know. So when you see how Moonfruit’s Twitter contest got a subscriber to build a private website for an abortion clinic for nuns who bathe Pope Benedict. You could hold a contest in response, which allows participants to guess in which Vatican bath house the Pope impregnated those nuns.

Optionally, you could identify influential top users who are also interested in your industry’s topics. You use the private messaging methods you learned in the 2nd step to reach out to them and get them to participate in your campaigns, which are composed similarly to popular campaigns you researched in the 3rd step.

So when you see a viral story on how Sarah Palin is being offered $25k by marijuana advocates to speak at their next event; hold a webinar with Michael Phelps announcing that he’ll do it for free as long he could give away his new line of Phelps Olympic Bongs. Follow the webinar on a tweet chat with a #hashtag called #olympicbluntologist and you’ll get weed smokers jumping in the conversation from every staircase on the planet.

From New York, “Yo, I got this new line of gold toothbrushes to go with that gold medal, baby; check it out!” #olympicbluntologist from the dirty south, “hey, playa; I got some hydro soaked in redbull that’ll give you fins, baby” #olympicbluntologist from Jamaica, “hey ya blood clot, send tree a them bong to Kingston” from Los Angeles, “sign my petition to get a law passed to lets us pay for marijuana with Medicaid.” #olympicbluntologist

Now, I know most of you will say how could I use a three-part system to master any of the thousands of digital communities on which my brand’s target market may or may not be present? Remember, this is simply a start. Ultimately, you have to complete your custom social media engagement strategy. I could tell you everything I have done to leverage social media platforms for my benefit, but odds are that everything I have done wont work for you unless you put some work in to learn how to use your tools; different rules for different tools, different strokes for different folks, different personal brands, different organizations, different professional brands, different target communities, different lingerie size.

I mean you could take bits and pieces of my tactics, but it won’t pop without a piece of your person involved. Michael Jordan can tell you exactly what he does to slam dunk a basketball, but that doesn’t mean that Shaquille O’Neill will be picking your pubic hair out of his teeth anytime soon.

You have to develop your own expert proficiency using the digital tools your target community employs. Now its in style to knock anybody who calls them self a social media expert;

“oh if somebody tells you they’re a social media expert run the other way until you’re eating scorpion shish ke bobs in Beijing.”

Let me tell you something, as I break it down for you on your hooker stop of the information super highway, if you are not a social media expert, you’d better go hire one. Not just because he screams that he is the social media Neo: the One, the prophecy states will kill the PCs and have humans make slaves of Terminator robots and have them chop onions at 50 slices a second that are run on Mac OS XX aka Cheetarah; but somebody has actually pushed the decimal point to the right a few digits on a bank account in the name of the organization with which he has worked.

But such expertise is not the only requirement; there is another. Never forget your ultimate objective, no matter how much of a tech ninja your mugshot profile on the FBI hacker watchlist says you are; you are communicating with people, not direct messages, not tweets, not @replies, not diggs, not stumbles, not upvotes… people. Just because you know how to dial a phone does not mean you could hypnotize somebody into stripping butt naked and sliding down razors into a pool of alcohol or buy your product or service. Think of a Direct Message as a speed dial and the Stumbleupon share feature as a conference call on your speakerphone. Like the phone, these digital platforms are mere tools; you wont get the girl to come over to your house just because you have a 10th generation droid phone, unless you can convince her she wont throw up and pass out after smelling the skid marks on those crappy speedos in the hamper and that you’ll keep the rats from nibbling on her toe jam.

Lo and behold the social trinity; the roadmap that I have followed to driver over 36 million pageviews to web properties worldwide; a lot of which for search traffic that helped me close a few million in back end sales; a media conglomerate with which I worked can account for 10% selling ad space at $70 cpm; $280k in four months time.

Subscribe to my RSS feed; I will keep you abreast of case studies where I have used this strategy to help meet and exceed objectives for which the web properties I have worked have been developed.

What are integral best practices that should be a part of an organization’s social media policy?


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  1. incredible energy!!

    I don’t mind the freestyle format, but your speed causes stumbles.
    overall: informative, funny, passionate, and credible.

    1. hey thnx for the feedback, Anwar; i know what you’re talking about; the speed just gets me in the zone though. i’ll definitely take that into account. BTW: welcome to the online money-making niche; i saw you repositioned webdevstar; good luck and reach out anytime, baby.

  2. HI Dude, This is one whacked out article, but it’s got a lot of good stuff too, if you can read between the lines. I like it.

    1. thank you, Nevil, for stopping by, man; love you’re representing Punta Cana real estate; i actually had a friend who bought some beach-front apartments similar to what they offer in Santa Marta, Colombia. all he does is get the tourists to rent them out every morning, collects his fees, and hits the beach.

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  4. mstearne Avatar

    Wow. Very informative. Thanks for sharing.

    1. thank you for stopping by, mstearne; do come again, and I promise to keep it interesting.

  5. Not a boring read at all. You kept my interest and you restored my faith in Digg. Thanks. I found you on Sphin.

    1. thnx for the feedback, Tom; and telling me from where you got here; man;

      love your south florida survival guide; we should meet 4 mojitos in south beach next time i fly down, and we’ll add our updates to it 😉

      1. My Site

        The Social Media Strategy I Executed to Drive Over 1.3 Million Pageviews in 4 Days

  6. Hi Neal

    Another lively and active post, reminded me about my dormant Digg account, couldn’t even remember the email I used or the password, inspired me to set up another one.

    Love this part
    “This is a thread on webmaster world where members share how they ask for links from other webmasters; this is so when you go out on your blog outreach; it wont look like you’re a sidewalk beggar that smells like piss with a sign which reads will give head for crack.”

    Smiled for a while on that one.
    Keep up the posting, can’t wait for the next one.

    1. thank you, Lou! you definitely make it worth it, man;
      listen, I posted all the links about which I spoke in the video and transcript, including that webmasterworld thread, on my link shack page: the webmasterworld thread is called jedi mind tricks.

      hey i love how all those keywords overlap themselves on the middle of your site, man 😉

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  8. At the end of the day, to get the kind of success you’ve achieved, you’ve gotta put in a lot of work. Seems like you were doing SEO back on ’03 and got on Digg back in ’06. Glen Allsop has been an IMer for like 5 years too. You also have to invest in building relationships. Social media seems easy, but you gotta grind…

    Not sure how to replicate this kind of success for boring industries though like industrial chemicals or coal mining. Maybe you can try a humor hook like you did with the jet company.


    1. you’re pretty much on the money, Raza. you definitely have to communicate with active and influential users of a digital network to reach the rest of the community; your communication should be friendly, selfless without being selfless – links to your profile do the promotion for you most of the time, and in form of support for such users i.e. diggs, @replies, retweets etc. your activity constitutes points of exposure as noted on the people media movement’s social media policy –

      in terms of niche industries like chemicals a and coal mining, you should just take note as to what are your objectives; based on those objectives reach to the people who can help you meet them; for instance, with luxury brands i joined exclusive digital networks by invitation only, like a small world, where some people with high-net worth or their assistants were found. realizing that many professional and personal assistants surf online for wealthy people, i also found where executive assistants were active online. another good technique for niche industries on social news is adding targeted keywords to the title; links that point your submission which gets promoted to popularity are most likely to have your targeted keyword as anchor text and facilitate your ranking for that keyword.

      thank you for stopping by, Raza! keep coming through, I promise to keep it interesting.

      BTW: oh man; i love your coffee calorie counter; you could bait that pretty heavily across networks.

      1. I appreciate the kinds words about the coffee calorie app. People love coffee and hate fat…

        I’m just sending emails to top weight loss and coffee bloggers. Hittin’ up major media sites like MSN Health, Yahoo Health, CNN Health, etc. I’m going to think up other ways to spread the word too. Not getting too much response yet, but I need to keep at it. I need to learn how to bait across networks better.

        Much respect and many thanks for the knowledge you’re sharing.


  9. We should do blow together.

    1. mixed with gun powder and crushed glass on december 21, 2012 😉

      thanks for checking it out, Alec. that pic with the whale and the oil on it on your site is off the hook; i thought the pelican had it bad.

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  11. Hi Neal
    Followed the link from John Chows and your enlightening article there. I enjoy your writing style, eclectic, savvy, witty and also very thought provoking and loaded with valuable info for your readers.

    1. thank you for the support, ffl license. thanks for stopping by; now i know who to check when i want to go on target practice 😉

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  13. […] this level of influence I have been able to promote my client’s sites, such as I noted on my social media strategy I used to drive 1.3 million pageviews to a microsite, which made up to $90k in ad revenue in 4 […]

  14. […] this level of influence I have been able to promote my client’s sites, such as I noted on my social media strategy I used to drive 1.3 million pageviews to a microsite, which made up to k in ad revenue in 4 […]

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  16. Great article Neal. I do have a follow up question though. Whats the best stratagy for a new digger to make friends and digg the right peoples digg’s? how does one properly get in without pissing off others?

    1. thank you for watching, content done right; i actually published a full manual on how to make the Digg front page on my free ebook you get when signing up for email list.

  17. What kind of advertiser would pay $90 CPM to your client for the digg traffic you got them? As you know, very seldom do diggers ever click on ads so it sounds like some ad company got screwed bigtime (not that it was you fault they got screwed).

    Also, can I be your new friend on digg :)?


    1. hi Barry; thank you for watching.

      note that regardless of how ‘worthless’ people say traffic from Digg is deemed, they are still people and consumers of products. I know many who own Apple products, Tech gadgets and hardware, they hit the movies, if they’re not downloading them; they keep Netflix memberships. some media buys are not measured simply on clicks; if that was the case, there would be no market for television commercials. how many times have you bought a product that you learned about on television? same science applies here; you may not click the ad for a new television series or movie; but the added impression may remind you that its being released this Friday, and you have to ensure you finish work early to make it.

  18. Fucking aces mate, keep it flowin. I am taking your tips from johnny chows site and applying them as we speak.

    How Do I keep from being a spammer with this stuff?
    What do I use to find diggers who post more of what i am into?
    How do I learn to fly?

    rock on and keep on keepin on

    1. great to hear, Roger! I appreciate the support, man. I used to DJ house music and hip back in the day too.

      If you follow the instructions on the John Chow article, you wont be spamming; just remember to study the Digg front page and use the Digg search feature to get a good feel of what type of stories make it to the front page.

      Quick tip: you are catering to a male demographic that hates marketing sites, Scientology, and George Bush.

      let me know how u do.

      UPDATE: almost forgot; to find diggers who are interested in the same topics you are, you need to perform a query for keywords people would use to find your website; you will find submissions with those related keywords in them; you could click on the submitter’s name and find people who are interested in the same topics you like.

  19. Oh… yeah… Digg. Thanks for the reminder! I might have to call my host after this. PEACE!

  20. That was an excellent achievement indeed. Social media works as great medium for growth and development for marketing. The task of building connection to the target market is now made easy and a lot more efficient.

  21. Great information.. Social media strategies linking business goals with social media marketing purposes. It is about profitable popularity if you are using social media for business. Thanks for sharing.

  22. This is really very informative and I do agree that social media marketing is very successful way of promoting any business. Its a link which spreads useful information to web users and make users aware of any new business or product.

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  24. Very interesting but, What if I don´t like to be a spammer sending messages ( asking to be friends ) to people who did not ansk for it ?.

    1. I would agree that few people actually read Direct Messages on Twitter anymore and I wouldn’t want to bother anyone with one, but in general, Hermes, a confident person with a competent looking profile will be accepted on Google+ and LinkedIn as a contact for someone. On Twitter, except for the snobs and those not paying attention to their followers, you should get a follow back as well if your profile is filled out and the photo isn’t stupid. There is no need to be shy if you have an impressive profile.

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